The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Deya Muniz’s The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a wonderfully silly romance with plenty of cheese puns.

You probably already know from that description whether you’d like it or not, but let me elaborate. Count Camembert has a daughter, but she cannot inherit. So the two of them decide to have her become a man, since she doesn’t want to marry because she doesn’t like men that way. With the aid of beloved servant Feta, the young Count Camembert moves to the capital city of Fondue and starts a new life.

Cam meets the crown princess Brie (and her adorable fluff ball dog Gouda) at a royal ball, although Cam is supposed to be keeping a low profile so the secret isn’t discovered. The two bond over cruelty-free fashion and a love of grilled cheese, but their romance has a bumpy road. Some of the challenges are familiar to the fantasy romance genre, but they’re portrayed well, with honesty and meaning.

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The art is wonderful, with plenty of emotion and just enough detail to capture the feel of a royal kingdom. There’s also a brilliant speech, when it comes to making decisions and understanding identity, about how some people have to choose the least miserable option.

But mostly, happy ending, gorgeous outfits, and tons of cheese names! A fun read with a great heart.

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