Lost Legion of Super-Heroes Art by Stuart Immonen

Legion of Super-Heroes logo

The below, I’ve been told, was intended to be one of the pinups for the oversized Legion of Super-Heroes #100 (which was cover-dated January 1998 and was one of the last issues of the series KC Carlson edited). It did not run, I think, because it was thought to be TOO close in style to Archie Comics characters. I was reminded of it when chatting with someone who referenced the “Archie Legion”, a name I don’t care for, but hey, it reminded me to put this out in the world.

It’s Lightning Lad (although I guess he was Live Wire at this point?) and Saturn Girl snuggling while Cosmic Boy recovers from falling down and Ultra Boy and Apparition look on. (I do not know why only the boys get to have skis.)

Archie-style Legion of Super-Heroes pinup by Stuart Immonen


  • Eric G

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I hate that DC can’t seem to keep a Legion title running very long these days.

  • James Schee

    Dang if you hadn’t said that was Immonen’s art I wouldn’t have guessed it. It is a wonderful piece, but so different from his work I’ve seen.

    I never really got the Archie Legion thing. There were a darkness to stories at times, plus I mean Adam Hughes, Jeff Moy, Chris Sprouse etc. it was one of the greatest time for artwork Legion has had to me anyway. Plus Tom McCraw and company had some really good stories that gave nods to history, while doing things in a new way.

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