The Great Gatsby, Illustrated by Robert Nippoldt

Cover of The Great Gatsby, Illustrated by Robert Nippoldt

As The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald entered the public domain a couple of years ago, it’s no surprise to see new editions released. I was surprised, though, by how attractive and compelling this Andrews McMeel version, illustrated by Robert Nippoldt, was.

As the contents of books become easier to scan and download, holding a handsome, print-focused volume becomes more appealing, reminding the reader to value the time and attention spent reading. This gold-trimmed hardcover comes with several items that make the page, not the screen, the preferred method to enjoy it.

There’s a ribbon bookmarker, gorgeous illustrations that show the excesses of the Roaring Twenties time period (ranging from page corner decorations to double-page or even four-panel foldout spreads), and a double handful of tipped-in paper items that feel like little gifts.

Cover of The Great Gatsby, Illustrated by Robert Nippoldt

There’s a map of the New York area of the setting, several cocktail recipes, a newspaper page, and short pieces on flappers and prohibition and F. Scott Fitzgerald. You can see some samples at the publisher’s website.

These items also explain why they’re important, with little lessons on changing times. They add to the atmosphere, a brilliant choice for a book about building an image and differing perceptions. I thoroughly enjoyed rereading this American classic in such a lovely presentation.

(The publisher provided a review copy.)

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