Billi 99 Returns in Color

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Billi 99 by Sarah Byam and Tim Sale was originally published by Dark Horse back in the early days of the 2000s, over 20 years ago. It’s an unusual take on a superhero story — I liked it. (And with an unexpected take on inheritance, corruption, and social responsibility that feels modern.)

Clover Press has just announced that they will be reprinting it in color (by José Villarrubia, as Tim Sale has passed away) via crowdfunding.

Billi 99 new color edition

The effort has already made its goal, so you can fairly safely choose between the options. The basic is an oversize hardcover with bonus pinups by famous names, including Bill Sienkiewicz, Matt Wagner, and Tomm Coker. Also included are new essays by writer Sarah Byam, Tim Sale’s widow Susan Bailey, and others. That one’s $45 + shipping.

There’s also a slipcased version ($75), and a deluxe version that includes the story in both color and black-and-white editions and is signed by Byam and Villarrubia ($200). Or there’s a digital PDF ($20) if you just want to read the story.

Clover sent out this cool gif that shows the color added to a page.

Billi 99 color transformation

The Beat interviewed Sarah Byam about the project and how the book came to be.

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