Oni Releasing Wet Moon Omnibus for Series Anniversary

Wet Moon 20th Anniversary Omnibus Volume 1 cover

It’s been almost twenty years since Sophie Campbell launched Wet Moon, a Southern Gothic graphic novel series about girls in art school that’s like nothing else out there. To celebrate that anniversary, Oni Press has announced a series of remastered omnibus collections.

There will be three books, starting in November, with new cover art and introductions. Wet Moon 20th Anniversary Omnibus volume 1 will reprint the first two books, Feeble Wanderings and Unseen Feet, at a larger size. (There were originally seven books in the series.)

Wet Moon 20th Anniversary Omnibus Volume 1 cover

Here’s the publisher’s description of the premise:

An unusually usual day-to-day story in the Deep South, set in the Gothic, swampy southern town of Wet Moon, a place fraught with lousy love lives, teen angst, and shadowy rednecks. As Cleo Lovedrop heads off for college at the local art school, she’s haunted by her melancholic past. Elsewhere, Trilby deals with unsettled emotional and sexual issues, and keeping her secret habits hidden from everyone. And Audrey comes to the realization that, despite all her efforts, she always causes her friends distress, while Fern, a peculiar girl who lives in an isolated mansion in the bayou, begins to notice Cleo and her friends. Goths, friendship, romance, sex, betrayal, gossip, cats, murder, guilt, a squirrel monkey, and all the terrible and wonderful things people do to each other can be found in the pages of Wet Moon.

Says creator, writer, and artist Sophie Campbell:

“How I feel about my work on Wet Moon has always been super complicated for me, both as a person and an artist, but putting these omnibus editions together feels like maybe it’ll be closure, in a way, emotionally and creatively. I’m tempted to go back and change all sorts of stuff, like the CGI additions in the old Star Wars movies, but I’m hoping it’ll be cathartic to have it all out there in one place, warts and all.”

The first Omnibus volume will be in comic and bookstores November 26, cover-priced at $34.99 for 384 black-and-white pages, and here’s a preview.

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