Publishers Weekly’s Best of 2005

Publishers Weekly has posted their list of the Best Comics of 2005 (link no longer available). Overall, it’s a pretty accurate portrait of the year’s trends and what was talked about. Here’s my groupings of the items on their list (and I apologize for overusing the word “good”): Read It, Loved It Scott Pilgrim vs. The World by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni Press) — Took me a while to get it, then I was smitten. Gemma Bovery by Posey Simmonds […]

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Comics Journal #273 Solicit Dropped by Diamond

Fantagraphics has sent out this update: Diamond Comics goofed big time. They dropped the solicitation for The Comics Journal #273 from the January-shipping Previews [JDC: that’s the November catalog]. Why or how this happened, they could not explain (mmm-hmmm). They’ve tried to make up for it by soliciting issue #273 and #274 together in the February Previews [JDC: that’s the one out now] — but a lot of good that’ll do. We’re still printing and shipping it on time in […]

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What Happened to Beanworld?

Mark Andrew at Comics Should Be Good complains about the lack of news on Beanworld. I appreciate his reminder. Beanworld is very hard to explain but wonderful to experience. It is very much like a fable, simple on the surface but with more depth the more you think about it. It’s disheartening to think that we may never see more of this charming story. I’m sure Larry Marder meant his statements about always working on Beanworld at the time, but […]

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