Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic

Review by KC Carlson Depending on your worldview, the new Watchmen Complete Motion Comic DVD is: The graphic novel version of Cliff Notes, or more directly, the “For Dummies” series. Both series have become synonymous for the lazy person’s method of learning about literature without having to go through the tedious work of actually reading it yourself. A true milestone event! (Although it should be noted that watching this entire production will take over five hours of your time, and […]

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Watchmen Motion Comic DVD Announced

On March 3, the Watchmen motion comic DVD is released. It’s 12 episodes, and it comes with a sneak peek of the Wonder Woman direct-to-DVD animated movie (released the same day) and $7.50 movie cash to see the Watchmen movie, which opens three days later on March 6. The DVD lists at $30, with the Blu-ray edition at $35. The Blu-ray also includes the film’s “Prison Break” scene. $30 for zooming in and out of the comic and a couple […]

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