Warner’s Watchmen DVD Plans

According to today’s NY Times, Warner will be releasing a straight-to-DVD animated movie tentatively called Tales of the Black Freighter five days after Watchmen opens in theaters. It “follows a side Watchmen storyline about a shipwreck… The DVD will also include a documentary-style film called Under the Hood that will delve into the characters’ backstories.” The story postulates these kinds of promotions as a way to attempt to reverse soft DVD sales — last years’ figures declined for the first […]

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Honey and Clover DVD Out This Week

Out Tuesday on DVD was the live-action version of Honey and Clover (subtitled). I’m curious about it. I enjoyed reading the manga, but I suspect seeing the characters “in person” would make them even easier to relate to (and distinguish). The plot is the same — college students find love and make life decisions while pursuing their art. However, in the manga, the childlike Hagumi appears elfin and blonde. Based on pictures, in the movie, she still looks young and […]

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