The Vampire Brat and Other Tales of Supernatural Law

The Vampire Brat and Other Tales of Supernatural Law

After Sonovawitch!, the previous Supernatural Law book by Batton Lash, comes The Vampire Brat. He’s a teenager whose supernatural abilities only make his adolescent obnoxiousness worse.

The contrast of the classically cool vampire with the obnoxious teenager makes for some amusing moments before the story becomes a parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Myrtle the Vampire Hater is a nerd’s nerd who’s being sued for harassing the teenage vampire, and her lawyer strongly resembles Ally McBeal. Unfortunately, the jabs are dated, and the story falls apart under the weight of the parodies.

The Vampire Brat and Other Tales of Supernatural Law

The next piece, about an inventor who has problems legally protecting his time machine, poses a time travel paradox that’s nicely solved. It’s also something of an anniversary celebration, with tons of cameos from recurring characters and previous clients. After another short story, about a man dealing in black market souls, the volume concludes with the tale of an overbearing mother and a Hulk-like monster, reminiscent of some of the stories from the previous book.

There are also a number of character threads involving the lawyers’ personal lives, or lack thereof, winding through the tales. More information is available at the Exhibit A website.

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