The Double Life of Miranda Turner #3

The Double Life of Miranda Turner #3 cover

I talked about how enjoyable The Double Life of Miranda Turner was at the beginning of year. It’s been quite the patience-tester since then, since issues #2 and 3 make up one story, and issue #3 just came out today.

The comic is written by Jamie S. Rich and drawn by George Kambadais. In this issue, Miranda is figuring out the best way to battle a troupe of theater actors, given super powers, with the aid of her dead sister Lindy. Well, they’re not all powers — the lead actress has suffered from accelerated aging, which isn’t particularly good for her career.

The Double Life of Miranda Turner #3 cover

It was interesting to see Lindy discover a new ability, but the issue felt abbreviated to me, without events given as much exploration as I wanted to see. Perhaps I’m just used to the drawn-out pacing featured in some other serial comics, but I wanted more Lindy and Miranda interaction, more with the theater characters, and more explanation of the bad guy’s motives. As a plus, this chapter ends with hints of the next story, in which we explore how Lindy was killed, an event I want to learn more about.

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