Midnight Secretary Volume 6

Midnight Secretary volume 6

The two have finally admitted their love for each other, a particularly difficult revelation for the vampire Kyohei, who sees humans as inferior. However, that in some ways makes their boss/secretary relationship more difficult, particularly when attending social events. He’s willing to go public with their relationship, although when Kaya dresses up, she looks remarkably young, a callback to her struggle with her “baby face”.

Also complicating volume 6 is the presence of Kyohei’s parents, a human father and vampire mother. They love each other, but their mixed marriage has been a struggle to manage in the larger culture, so they fear for the younger couple’s coming problems. As the mother says, “Love alone isn’t enough” … but I don’t believe that will be the lasting message, since Tomu Ohmi’s Midnight Secretary is a rather traditional romance, underneath the sex scenes and the vampire’s blood needs.

Midnight Secretary volume 6

Now that they’re a couple, they’re facing more typical struggles for established pairings, such as a pregnancy scare. That leads to more conflict with the vampire clan, who are suddenly very interested in the possibility of a child. In this mythos, vampires don’t turn those they feed from; instead, if a vampire/human pair results in a child, it’s a 50-50 chance it would be another vampire (which is how Kyohei has a human father and brother).

Personally, I don’t care much for couples that suddenly go from love to wanting to spawn, so I found this abrupt focus on having a kid somewhat disconcerting. It does allow for more drama, though, with Kaya risking kidnapping and having a new subject to obsess over privately. We go from “does he see me as more than a meal?” to “he says he won’t have a child with me, does he mean it?” as the latest “why don’t the characters just talk to each other?” hidden subject. Even as I know this is cheesy and artificial in extending the story, though, I do like the characters and hope the best for them. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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