Midnight Secretary Volume 7

Midnight Secretary volume 7

The Midnight Secretary series concludes with Kaya and her boss finally coming to an understanding of how their relationship will proceed. He’s been kicked out of the vampire clan for refusing to give her up.

Both Kaya and the reader are misled into thinking that a very attractive woman he’s making dates with is a source of jealousy — but the plot’s more convoluted than that. Which makes this volume less satisfying than some of the others by Tomu Ohmi, which focus more on the pair’s emotions and less on the cultural politics. The core conflict remains the same, whether Kaya can be a perfect secretary for her boss at the same time her feelings are involved with her love for him. Everything is answered with, “yours is the only blood I want.”

Typical of a final volume is how the series concludes with plans for marriage, with meeting Kaya’s mother, working out living arrangements, and love vows along the way. It all moves very quickly, with a final reminder of the virtue of competence. More entertaining to me was a short bonus story, “Midnight Butler”, that flips the genders. Another vampire, Marika, picks up a guy who then refuses to leave. He’s handsome but homeless, and he insinuates himself into her life by cleaning up both himself and her home. I was fondly reminded of the much-missed Tramps Like Us.

Midnight Secretary volume 7

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