Update: Digital Manga Tezuka Ludwig B Kickstarter Succeeds!

Ludwig B Kickstarter

With three days to go (at the time of writing), Digital Manga’s Kickstarter to publish Ludwig B by Osamu Tezuka is not expected to succeed. Currently, it’s at about two-thirds of goal, 67%, having received less than $15,000 on a goal of $21,600.

After the first two strong days, pledges never picked up. The company upped its Twitter mentions recently, although nothing for the last three days. And the audience, at least in many of the English-speaking countries, is distracted by the Christmas holiday and unlikely to come out in force in the next couple of days. Kicktraq expects them to end at about three-quarters of goal.

Ludwig B Kickstarter

I’m sorry to see it, because I don’t think this bodes well for future Tezuka translation plans, after this second Kickstarter failure.

Update: I was wrong By the skin of its teeth — the Kickstarter funded with four hours to go — the Kickstarter has succeeded!

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