CBS Supergirl Marketing Not the Typical Superhero Show Package

Supergirl logo

Most of the superhero TV show marketing revolves around expected ideas: Gotham pushes a dark, mythic world, while the CW superhero shows, like Arrow, have a strong dash of relationship angst. Supergirl, coming this fall to CBS, aims to be different, which I welcome. I’d also expect as much — CBS viewers skew older than the “newer” networks, and they likely have higher expectations for their first superhero show.

Supergirl logo

Their idea of a promo event goes like this: invite 400 moms and daughters to see the show, with a special surprise guest in star Melissa Benoist. It’s so heartwarming to see how excited those little girls were, and how inspirational having their own superhero can be to them. Bravo to CBS for taking a different tack. While one ad emphasized Kara’s relationship with her mother, this clip shows plenty of action and excitement:

Supergirl begins October 26 on CBS.

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