Good Books to Order for July 2016

The latest Diamond Previews catalog lists a lot of books worth checking out. Here are a few of them, along with others I had something to say about. You can order them now through your local comic shop for delivery in July or later. (The ones with May or June dates are relists of items that have already been published, so they’re available earlier.)

Jem & the Holograms #1 Greatest Hits Edition The Fuse #19
Jem & the Holograms #1 Greatest Hits Edition
IDW Publishing, $1.00, MAY16 0437, July 20
Try the outstanding rock-and-roll adventure title with a reprint of the first issue by Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell for only a dollar.
The Fuse #19
Image Comics, $3.99, MAY16 0600, July 6
A new starting point for the outstanding science-fiction crime series by Antony Johnston and Justin Greenwood. The wonderfully cranky Klem wants to solve one last case before retirement, one that involves her younger partner.
Hawaiian Dick Volume 3: Screaming Black Thunder Captain Kid #1
Hawaiian Dick Volume 3: Screaming Black Thunder
Image Comics, $14.99, MAY16 0686, August
Now that the Aloha, Hawaiian Dick miniseries is running, the previous five-issue miniseries (from 2007-2008) is being collected, to join the first two collections on the shelf. I wasn’t as big a fan of this story (by B.Clay Moore with Scott Chantler, Steven Griffin, and others) because of the WWII flying ace angle, but I’m back enjoying finding out more of the character’s backstory in the current miniseries. This third book was supposed to include the Kickstarted Great Big Hawaiian Dick, but plans for that may have changed, since that special is running late.
Captain Kid #1
Aftershock Comics, $3.99, MAY16 1025, July 6
Now that’s a fresh take on superheroes for adults, the story of a middle-aged schlub who can turn into a teen hero. It’s kind of a reverse Captain Marvel, brought to us by Mark Waid, Tom Peyer, and Wilfredo Torres. I’m curious to see how much humor makes it into the title.
Threadbare: Clothes, Sex, and Trafficking Thoreau: A Sublime Life
Threadbare: Clothes, Sex, and Trafficking
Microcosm Publishing, $13.95, MAY16 1628, July 6
I had some issues with the format of this collection of comic journalism essays, but it’s an unusual and meaningful topic.
Thoreau: A Sublime Life
NBM, $19.99, MAY16 1637, June 29
I was surprised by how beautiful and informative this graphic biography was. Definitely something to check out if you’re interested in philosophy or civil disobedience or giving it all up to run away to the woods.
Girl in Dior Einstein
Girl in Dior
NBM, $27.99, MAY16 1636, June 29
The gorgeous fashion history is reoffered in conjunction with Annie Goetzinger’s new book, Marie Antoinette, Phantom Queen (MAY16 1635).
Nobrow, $19.95, MAY16 1654, July 13
The latest of three graphic biographies is a terrific read, with great cartooning and an impressively comprehensive overview of Einstein’s life.
Level Up Pop! Wonder Woman Invisible Jet
Level Up
Square Fish, $9.99, MAY16 1745, July 20
If you missed Level Up by Gene Luen Yang and Thien Pham when First Second put it out five years ago, here’s your chance to catch up at a reduced price. It’s a fantasy-flavored exploration of balancing family expectations with your own wants, particularly when it comes to what to do with your life.
Pop Rides: Wonder Woman Invisible Jet
Funko, $29.99, MAY16 2561, May 18
If you liked the look of the Funko Pop Wonder Woman with her plane KC got me, you can now order your own.

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    All these diverse works, and yet all Amazon suggests is Valiant’s “Book of Death”…

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