King Baby

King Baby

Following the success of her first children’s book, The Princess and the Pony, Kate Beaton returns with the hilarious King Baby, as announced this past summer.

It’s aimed at children, but I believe parents or anyone who’s had to put up with a demanding child (so, everyone) will enjoy it even more. It’s amazing how effective a drawing of, basically, an egg with a face and a crown can be when in the expressive hands of a skilled artist. With dot eyes, a line mouth, and eyebrows, Beaton gives the demanding baby monarch a range of emotions.

Her detail is impressive, as the page spreads are scattered with a variety of friends and family members, gifts and baby interactions, taking care of the baby’s needs, and random toys and clutter. It’s a portrait of life with a new child in just a few well-chosen images.

The parents are both timeless and very current. He’s proudly bearded and sweater-clad. She wears big tops and leggings that could be modern or 50s-type capris.

King Baby

I even felt for King Baby, as he can’t walk or talk but still wants things and becomes frustrated when his parents don’t know what he requires. And in the end, he learns that his needs aren’t always going to rule the household.

Kate Beaton’s King Baby is wonderful to read and re-read and share.

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