Good Night, Planet

Good Night, Planet

Good Night, Planet is a beautifully illustrated take on the classic idea of a child’s beloved stuffed animal coming alive at night. Planet appears to be a bedraggled rabbit (or maybe a dog?), and after a day jumping in the autumn leaves, while the little girl sleeps, Planet plays with the family dog and gets snacks.

The linework by Liniers is detailed, especially around the edges, whether stacking up shadows in the corner of the room or delineating the night sky. The illustrations are lovely, putting the reader in the middle of a New England fall evening. I particularly liked the page where they’re tucked in together and we first see Planet move on his own — the doll gives the girl a sweet kiss before jumping out of bed.

Good Night, Planet

Beyond the wonder of seeing what a toy does at night, there’s a good deal of friendship and teamwork on display. I wasn’t sure earlier what Planet was, but I’m leaning towards rabbit because of the Asian legend and the gorgeous moonlight night scenes.

Good Night, Planet is also available in a Spanish edition in both hardcover and paperback. They’re all rated for ages 4 and up, or a reading level of Grades 1-2. All versions will be available on September 12.

Liniers has also released with Toon The Big Wet Balloon (aimed at the same reading level) and Written and Drawn by Henrietta, which targets slightly older. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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