Wildflowers by Liniers cover

Wildflowers, by Liniers, is the Argentine cartoonist’s third Toon book inspired by his girls, after The Big Wet Balloon and Good Night, Planet. This is the oddest of the three, but the bizarre story eventually reveals itself as a comfortable reminder of the power of imagination.

Three girls, inspired by the author’s daughters, seem to be trapped on a mysterious jungle island after a plane crash. As the story continues, the reader suspects something else might be going on, since they encounter such odd creatures as talking flowers and a pocket-sized gorilla.

Wildflowers by Liniers cover

It’s all revealed as creative play, the girls throwing ridiculous ideas into their afternoon adventures in their yard. The opening scene, the plane crash, is an odd choice, one with difficult implications for some readers, but also a realistic one, as children’s imaginations swoop widely regardless of what is considered appropriate.

Artistically, the richly illustrated panels take readers inside the exotic settings. The muted colors provide a more realistic gloss, grounding the concepts, as you can see in the preview pages at the publisher’s website. Liniers’ love for his girls, his wildflowers, and what they’re able to envision shines through as the book jumps from idea to idea. (The publisher provided a review copy. Review originally posted at Good Comics for Kids.)

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