Young Justice to Add 3 Women in Third Season

New Young Justice characters

This DC-posted video clip has some interesting revelations about the coming third season of Young Justice, which will be airing on a new DC digital service next year.

First, there will be a time jump, length unspecified, between the end of season two and this season.

Next, they will be adding three female team members, as shown here. Left to right, it’s Spoiler, Thirteen, and Arrowette. They will join Static, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Robin, Arsenal, Blue Beetle, and Beast Boy. I really like the daughter of Dr. Thirteen, and I’m curious to see how they translate the character to TV. She’s a magic user whose father, a skeptic, had forbidden her use of her powers.

New Young Justice characters

The team will be fighting “metahuman trafficking” in this season, which will be called Young Justice: Outsiders.


  • Jeff

    Dr Thirteen doesn’t sound like a skeptic (which just means not believing in something without sufficient proof) but just a jerk. There is magic in their reality, and if she has it a skeptic would just go, oh, guess I was wrong, go do your thing. Sounds like more ignorance and superstition on the part of the writers rather than the character.

  • Huh — I’d assumed Arrowette was Artemis with a new name and costume (she alluded to coming back under a new identity at the end of season 2).

  • Thad, could be. They weren’t very specific in their brief promo comments, which I believe were done at San Diego.

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