Wizard World Delays More Shows, Announces 2018 Plans

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Wizard World has had an uneven year. Although they announced a few months ago that they were adding new shows for later this year, those plans have changed. The announced Wizard World Comic Con shows in Biloxi, Mississippi; Montgomery, Alabama; Peoria, Illinois; Springfield, Missouri; and Winston-Salem, NC will be delayed a year, with new target dates in fall 2018. That leaves only the following still coming in 2017:
* October 27-29, Oklahoma City
* November 17-19, Austin, Texas

If you’re trying to figure out how many shows that means they offered this year, I have no idea how to count that up any more. (Update: ICv2 says it will be 14 shows in 2017.) The original plan for 2017 was 16. Halfway through 2017, they cancelled additional shows but stated that plans for 2018 were to offer at least 30. Currently, the planned list is at 17 confirmed for next year, with Boise new to the list below, as well as the five delayed ones.

January 5-7, New Orleans
February 2-4, St. Louis
March 2-4, Cleveland
April 13-15, Portland, Oregon
May 17-20, Philadelphia
June 1-3, Des Moines, Iowa
June 8-10, Columbus, Ohio
July 13-15, Boise, Idaho
August 23-26, Chicago
September 21-23, Madison, Wisconsin
October 26-28, Oklahoma City
Fall TBD, Austin, Texas
October/November TBD, Biloxi, Mississippi
October/November TBD, Montgomery, Alabama
October/November TBD, Peoria, Illinois
October/November TBD, Springfield, Missouri
October/November TBD, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Those no longer in the offering are Minneapolis, Sacramento (the California con scene is well-populated already), Albuquerque, Orlando (also with a strong local con), and Nashville.

Wizard World is saying that they will likely add “some additional cities to be announced” and “rosters of celebrities and artists at each city are still being formed.” President and CEO John D. Maatta said, “The confirmed portion of Wizard World’s 2018 schedule combines many of the cities which have proven most attractive to fans with some new markets that we believe will embrace us similarly. In moving five of our more recently announced shows to 2018, we are better equipped to put on the kind of successful pop culture celebration that our fans have come to expect.”


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