Whatever Happened to the Rose of Versailles Plans?

Rose of Versailles

As I’ve been looking back at manga I’ve enjoyed over the past few years, I realized that there was a much-anticipated project announced two and a half years ago that has yet to appear.

As part of their appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con(TM) in 2015, Udon Entertainment announced that they would be publishing Riyoko Ikeda’s classic shojo manga Rose of Versailles.

Dating from the 70s, Rose of Versailles is the story of a woman dressing as a man to be a palace guard and protect Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution. It’s important for both its historical approach and its hints of yuri (girl/girl) relationships. As Anime News Network reported at the time,

Rose of Versailles

The series will be released in two-in-one omnibus volumes to quicken the publishing schedule. The first volume is slated for the second quarter of 2016.

This will be the first official English release of the manga.

There hasn’t been much official update since then, except for a quote otherwise hidden in this article from June 2017 about publisher plans for the year.

Udon publisher Erik Ko says, “Rose of Versailles is a very personal project to me, so we are taking the time to make it perfect both in localization research and the design of the book.”

That article also said it would be coming in 2017, though. I have emailed the publisher requesting an update, which I have posted here.


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