Udon Responds to Rose of Versailles Question

Rose of Versailles

Last month, I asked “Whatever Happened to the Rose of Versailles Plans?” This much-anticipated manga classic was announced in 2015 for release in 2016, but it has not yet appeared, and fans are curious.

I emailed the publisher, Udon Entertainment, and now that things are settling down after the holidays and new year, they were kind enough to respond, as follows.

While we do not have a solid date on release yet, the localization is coming along well. We have 80% of the whole series translated and going through editing now. The first book (our version, which includes both Vol. 1 & 2 of the complete edition) is in final stage of lettering. We are also working on the cover designs.

So it sounds like, while they can’t confirm a new release date, events are progressing and the project is still active. That’s probably the best possible answer at this point — given the history, I wouldn’t want to hear a new proposed release date until they were done and sure of meeting it. (There are ten manga volumes in the original release, by the way.)

Update: A reader asked about their plans for Sugar Sugar Rune, which was announced at the same time. The response is similar, with a complicating factor (that sounds like it will make for a fantastic final product):

… we are doing a complete remastering, so we are actually rescanning all the pages from Moyoco-sensei’s archive. The gathering of all the materials is taking some time.


  • Brittany

    I’m very happy for this update as I’m planning on finishing the anime this weekend after a long hiatus. I’ve always read articles and pieces on this story. Old school manga is alright with me asking with more Moyoco stories!

  • Jenny

    Can we get another update for 2019? :(

  • Ana

    Yes please, can you give us an update for 2019

  • Anna

    Yes please, can you give us an update for 2019, I’m definitely going to buy it when it is published ;) RoV is one of my very favorite mangas and Oscar is the ‘queen of the story’ for me! :)

  • I’m afraid I don’t have one – I assume the work is still in progress, as said previously.

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