Snails Are Just My Speed!

Snails Are Just My Speed!

Snails Are Just My Speed! is the latest in Kevin McCloskey’s series of “Giggle and Learn” books, after We Dig Worms!, The Real Poop on Pigeons!, and Something’s Fishy. They feature odd animals, heavy on the kind of gross facts kids love. In other words, they’re a lot of fun.

The attitude is obvious from the cover, with the title entity saying, “Now with extra mucus!” And yes, the mucus is explained in great detail inside, with its many functions for the mollusk.

The pages resemble an artist’s sketchbook, not paneled comics but illustrations with plenty of speech bubbles. Everything talks in these books, from the snail, asking other animals to “wait up” to kids learning why the snails have shells, snail anatomy, and what their natural predators are. There’s a lot of wildlife in this book, all lovingly painted. Plus, a drawing lesson at the end!

Snails Are Just My Speed!

I never expected to be interested in snails (and their cousin slugs) but McCloskey makes any animal interesting. His books are light reads that inspire learning. (The publisher provided a review copy.)


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