DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out #10

DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out #10

I had to mention the latest installment of the digital series DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out, #10, because it’s just so darn cute!

The story so far has involved Green Lantern Jessica Cruz overcoming her fears, a trip to Oa (the Green Lantern home planet), Supergirl being misled by other Kryptonians, and Wonder Woman dog-sitting Krypto in Supergirl’s absence.

DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out #10

It’s the pets that make this issue, written by Shea Fontana and illustrated by Agnes Garbowska, so much fun. Krypto made some beagle friends, and Flash, Hawkgirl, and Bumblebee spend a significant amount of this chapter snuggling with puppies. When they aren’t, they think that Krypto is running away from them again, but he’s really answering a call for help no one else could hear.

After chasing him down, the girls realize that he had purpose in his flight and decide to find out what’s going on. Much of this comic is thus getting the characters in place for the remaining two issues of conclusion and wrap-up, but I really liked the puppies. They make everyone happy, even Vice Principal Grodd.

DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out #10 puppy panel

You can get this chapter for 99 cents at Amazon, ComiXology, or other digital vendors.

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