Wizard Renames Parent Company

Wizard World logo

While the conventions will remain Wizard World (wherever), the parent “pop culture events company” has decided to rename itself Wizard Entertainment. CEO John D. Maatta said,

“Wizard Entertainment is a name that more appropriately captures the breadth of initiatives we are planning as we head into 2019. In addition to our successful live events across North America, the name reflects our additional opportunities in other regions such as China, location-based entertainment initiatives, and participation in strategic M&A opportunities.”

This doesn’t seem to matter much to anyone, except… changing a company name takes money. There are office supplies, like letterhead, to destroy and reprint, and so on. A company that’s still trying to dig out from negative financials must think whatever they’re getting from changing their name is worth the costs. I don’t know enough about the details to speculate further, but it’s curious.

Anyway, the first Wizard World 2019 show is just a few days away, with Wizard World New Orleans, January 4-6, having snagged Aquaman star Jason Momoa as its featured guest.

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