Katie O’Neill’s latest project has the charm of her previous Aquicorn Cove and The Tea Dragon Society, but in an abbreviated form for younger readers.

Dewdrop is an axolotl, or a cute pink lump, who has a number of aquatic friends, including a turtle, a newt, and some fish. It’s time for the sports festival, and Dewdrop’s friends are competing, writing songs, and cooking.

Each enjoys these activities, but the pressure gets to them, and they begin questioning themselves and their abilities. Thankfully, Dewdrop has just the right thing to say to each to encourage them and get them back on track to accomplish their goals.


The art and dialog are both simple and straightforward, with underlying imagination demonstrated in the characters’ various conflicts and needs. The art is arranged in blocks of color, without black lines, and this color hold approach makes it all feel softer and more comfortable (as well as suiting the watery environment). O’Neill isn’t afraid to use wordless panels frequently, establishing mood and setting.

Dewdrop is due out April 8, 2020, and can be ordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code DEC19 1797. It’s $16.99 for a 40-page hardcover. (The publisher provided an advance review copy.)

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