Two More Marvel TV Shows Cancelled

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Unsurprisingly, the Disney/Fox acquisition continues to have fallout (as is expected when such big deals are done — since the money has to come from somewhere and finances and plans are often reexamined post-merger). Jeph Loeb used to be in charge of the Marvel Television division, but now Marvel movie honcho Kevin Feige has taken over.

There were plans for four Marvel animated series to come to Hulu (also owned by Disney), but two have been cancelled according to the Hollywood Reporter. While MODOK and Hit Monkey are still proceeding, Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler are dead. Shame, those were the two that sounded more interesting to me.

Those two were going to be the fourth and third released, respectively, which might mean that it was easier to cut costs on shows not as far along in the production cycle, particularly since Tigra & Dazzler had already had one production shakeup, with the entire writing staff let go at the end of last year.

They’re not the only Marvel TV shows to come to an end, as Feige seems to be concentrating on Disney+ content and movie spinoffs. The planned New Warriors (for Freeform) and Ghost Rider (for Hulu) shows were also cancelled before they aired, and Agents of SHIELD (ABC), Runaways (Hulu), Legion (FX), The Gifted (Fox), and Cloak & Dagger (Freeform) are all ended or heading that way. However, a live-action horror Helstrom is still in production for Hulu.

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