Cupid’s Arrows Returns Today

Cupid's Arrows returns

I’m a huge fan of just about everything Thom Zahler has done, because he’s put out a number of entertaining romance comics with fantasy overtones, including Love and Capes (a superhero sitcom where someone-like-Superman marries and settles down with his girlfriend), Warning Label (a game developer finds love in spite of being cursed), and my favorite, Time and Vine (a winery can send you back in time).

Cupid's Arrows returns

So I was thrilled to hear that his webcomic, Cupid’s Arrows, has returned today for a “second season”. The previous ran 28 episodes, in which the immortal Lora and Rick work as agents for Cupid, tasked with bringing couples together. There’s kind of a sassy detective/X-Files vibe to it, and it’s sweet getting a romance comedy kick every Wednesday.

Season 2 has a bit of a twist, as Rick and Lora have fallen in love, which is against the rules. So in addition to their new mission, they have to cope with their own relationship. I’m eager to see how this plays out!

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