Warning Label

Warning Label panel 3

I’ve enjoyed just about all of Thom Zahler’s comics — Love and Capes, Time and Vine, Long Distance — so I don’t know why I haven’t yet talked about Warning Label, his new digital release.

It’s available to read, in its entirety (so far), at Line Webtoon. The format’s a little odd, a series of single panels, but I think that’s to improve visibility on portable devices. The concept is genius, though. Danielle has been cursed so that anyone interested in her gets a warning label, a list of her flaws when it comes to interacting with others. Jeff isn’t scared off by this, and their relationship grows. Since she’s a game designer and he works at a super-cool movie theater, there’s lots of geeky references, too. (I really want to play the convention card game Danielle designs, where you have to run a successful con.)

Here are four panels from the first chapter that explain the premise.

Fans of Long Distance should particularly enjoy this romantic comedy (with a hint of magic). The characters are realistic, interesting, and entertaining. There are already 21 chapters available, with a new one every Thursday. And Thom has started posting a few behind-the-scenes notes at his website.


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