What Did You Eat Yesterday? Available Digitally

What Did You Eat Yesterday? volume 8 cover

My favorite current manga series, Fumi Yoshinaga’s What Did You Eat Yesterday?, will become available for digital purchase this coming Tuesday, March 17. It’s a wonderful read, about a middle-aged gay couple. One partner is a hairstylist, the other a lawyer, and the lawyer cooks something every chapter. These aren’t fancy dishes, but everyday meals based around grocery bargains or seasonal dishes or what will use up leftovers or what brings back good memories.

There are 14 volumes available in English so far. Here are links to my reviews and Amazon preorder links, where the digital copies have a $7.99 list price. The volumes should also be available at other online stores.

What Did You Eat Yesterday? volume 1 cover

Volume 1Digitally
Volume 2Digitally
Volume 3Digitally
Volume 4Digitally
Volume 5Digitally
Volume 6Digitally
Volume 7Digitally
Volume 8Digitally
Volume 9Digitally
Volume 10Digitally
Volume 11Digitally
Volume 12Digitally
Volume 13Digitally
Volume 14 – Digitally


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