Dash Returns as Kickstarted Graphic Novel

Dash Kickstarter

Y’all know I rarely do this, because I still have conflicted feelings about crowdfunding and its risks. But I like Dash, which can be reductionally described as “the gay hard-boiled detective comic”.

The most recent out was issue #5 in late 2018. (They say issue #6 has come out, but Diamond has it listed for August, so … keeping up with comics is hard.) Now, they’re Kickstarting the collection. Written by Dave Ebersole and drawn by Delia Gable and Vinnie Rico, the book will collect “The Case of the Mysterious Zita Makara” and three new shorter stories into a 224-page graphic novel.

Dash Kickstarter

You can read the first 11 pages at the publisher’s website. I’ve found the issues I’ve read to be enjoyable.

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