Watson and Holmes Returns in Mutiny Magazine

Mutiny Magazine #3 Cocker cover

We live in an era where nothing is dead forever. Brand awareness is so difficult to develop, with so many things demanding our attention, that anything that was somewhat successful has a chance to come back.

Which means I shouldn’t be surprised that Watson and Holmes, the urban comic version of the classic characters, has a new story coming out! But I am very pleased.

This is one of my favorite takes on the character in comics. We last saw them in 2016. Now, there’s “a never before seen tale” included in the Summer issue of Mutiny magazine. Issue #3 is due out in July and can be preordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code MAY22 1457. (That’s the order code for the Tomm Cocker cover, which features the Watson and Holmes characters. There are four other cover choices.) It’s $15 for the issue, which is a lot if you just want the one story, but there are other comics and interviews and articles, too.

I know it’s greedy to already want more, but I hope this is just the start of their return.

Mutiny Magazine #3 Cocker cover

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