Sherlock Holmes International

Sherlock Holmes International

Sherlock Holmes International is the latest Holmes-themed Graphic Novel Adventure. These books are also games, choose-your-own-path comics where the reader gets to investigate crime scenes by turning to different panels.

Witnesses are interrogated, with the reader only able to ask some of the set of questions. If they ask the wrong question, though, the suspect might get upset and refuse to answer.

Sherlock Holmes International

This volume contains three cases, with Sherlock Holmes accompanied by his brother Mycroft. Because of Mycroft’s government position, if a witness decides to stop answering, Mycroft can pressure them into providing the information anyway. This was a handy ability, as I found the cases challenging. One involves a rich man’s death on a steamship, one is about a stolen gem in a French hotel, and the third has a death at a colonel’s remote plantation in Bombay.

Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes

I love the caricature look of the characters, and I’ve enjoyed every book in the series I’ve read. They’re a fun way to combine games, comics, and Holmesian mysteries. There’s even a small cliffhanger at the end of this one that has me eagerly anticipating the next in the series.


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