Two New Sherlock Holmes Game Books Coming

Van Ryder Graphic Novel Adventures season 5

I absolutely love the Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel Adventures. They’re comics *and* choose-your-own-path mysteries *and* game books (with a score based on whether you solve the case).

So I was thrilled to find out that two more volumes are coming to join the six already released. It’s been a couple of years since the last, Sherlock Holmes International, came out.

Van Ryder Graphic Novel Adventures season 5

Publisher Van Ryder Games is currently crowdfunding a new set of books. (There are other volumes in the GNA series, beyond the Holmes ones.) Included in this set (although you can buy just the volumes you want) are Sherlock Holmes: Darkness Over London, where you can play as Holmes or Watson, and Sherlock Holmes: Supernatural, which also introduces Thomas Carnacki, the Demon Hunter. You’re trying to determine whether supernatural causes are really a thing. (No. Sherlock does not believe in ghosts.)

The project is already well past goal, so no risk. My biggest issue is having to wait until the target date of first half of 2025! I want to read them now! Pledge the Kickstarter now if you’re interested.

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