Moriarty: Clockwork Empire #3 Covers

The Moriarty: Clockwork Empire miniseries continues in issue #3, due out April 19, with two different covers available.

(I’ve previously posted covers from the first issue, due in February, and the second issue, due in March.)

The series is written by Fred Duval & Jean-Pierre Pécau and illustrated by Stevan Subic, with this issue having 48 color pages for $4.99. I’d post an issue description but the publisher is using the same text for each — which makes it all the more mysterious and suspenseful!

The comic can be preordered from your local comic shop with Diamond code FEB23 1004 for the Subic cover and FEB23 1003 for the Harding cover.

Moriarty: Clockwork Empire #3 cover by Abigail Harding

Cover by Abigail Harding

Moriarty: Clockwork Empire #3 cover by Stevan Subic

Cover by Stevan Subic

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