Archie Gets Married!

Archie #600

This summer, Archie #600 features Archie marrying Veronica in a storyline that looks at the gang after they graduate college. It’s written by Michael Uslan (producer of many superhero movies) and drawn by Stan Goldberg, who’s been drawing Archie for almost 40 years.

Reportedly, this is only part 1 of a six-part storyline that will also show, in future issues, what would happen if Archie married Betty. Archie #600 is due out August 19.

This sounds like an imaginary, “what if”, possible future story, not any kind of new direction, although I’m not sure that’s been clear in the promotion. It may be to the publisher’s advantage that it isn’t, since the idea of Archie finally making a choice is getting the comic plenty of media attention. Plus, there’s good room for argument among those who disagree with his choice of Veronica and would prefer Betty.

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  1. Justin Says:

    Tempting… I wonder if they might trade it, like they have been doing some of their more recent arcs.

    And being more a fan of Jughead, I also wonder if his future will be shown here, or in a similar fashion in his own title down the line.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I’m sure other characters will appear as well, and I’m guessing that a collection is very likely.

  3. Caanan Says:

    Betty is clearly the better choice, but I can’t help but feel both sides of the story will be nothing but bittersweet.

    Maybe for issue 1000 we’ll see Archie Tries Polygamy!

  4. James Schee Says:

    Sounds interesting. It makes me want to look up that Archie TV movie from years back.

    Though no “What if Archie married Cheryl Blossom?” For shame! :)

  5. comic book guy Says:

    wow, sounds awesome; it’s about tiem.

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  7. Steve Flack Says:

    Hopefully, part 3 will feature “What if Archie married Jughead?”

  8. Johanna Says:

    Bwa ha ha! What a great, never-happen idea.

  9. james,jones,or Mccoy Says:

    In that movie you mentioned Archie winds up marrying a complete stranger, Veronica is onto her umpteenth marriage(sixth?),Midge and Moose are still happily married, and Jughead is a divorced marriage counsellor with a son!!! I can’t remember what happened to Betty. It’s clear they went their seperate paths. I actually liked the movie and found the result strangely appropriate and easy to relate to. I’ve always found it strange Archies parent franchise is the only one never to be really tried as a live production in any form like Sabrina and Josie.

  10. James Schee Says:

    Betty was a grade school teacher with a bossy boyfriend.

    Apparently it was seen as a potential pilot for a TV series but it got crushed in the ratings. Too bad, as it would have been interesting to see what it would have been like. I hope the company puts it on DVD at some point.

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  12. james,jones,or Mccoy Says:

    This Movie has been released on video at some point because that’s how I saw it a second time.

  13. Maddy Says:

    if you ask me Archie should choose Betty but if i do recall Jughead had said in one particular issue if “if the day ever comes when if i kiss a girl … it will be you” he said as he talked to sad Betty because Archie had not taken her to the dance …. in the last box it shows Betty with a tear rolling down he face.. what do you think of that? That will probably lead to something!

  14. kumar Says:

    I’ve been reading Archie comics as long as I remember -this American small-town utopia called Riverdale never fails to bring a smile to my face, even today as I write from India (I’m 24 today). Archie comics was my first positive impression of US culture. The characters seem to be drawn from life and feel so real that sometimes, you just forget all that is pure fiction!

    Archie is mostly an obnoxious idiot, but all the same, he has a heart of pure gold (I prefer the Jughead character more). Archie comics are basically a mish-mash of human emotions -anger, jealousy, love, humour, betrayal, sacrifice- all rolled into one. Archie comics are so different from all those annoying, “superhero” stories which fill entire shelves in bookstores around me. It’s indeed a challenging task to sustain for 70 years, a comic-book series on everyday life without invoking mindless violence. Hats off to the creative team of Archie for never running out of ideas to delight their readers. case I’m being a bit long-winded, I actually would like to congratulate Archie on his bold decision to marry Veronica. While it’s true most Archie fans could be disappointed with this (how on Earth could he shun homely, sweet-natured, caring Betty for that arrogant brat?), i think he’s made a perfectly wise choice.

    I remember the first time I read about this famous love triangle, I was instantly drawn towards Veronica’s arrogant, brat-like manners. Betty is someone I never even noticed for a very long time. It was always “Archie and Veronica” for me. Some people accuse her of being proud, rich and vain. The truth is that’s what makes her exciting. She’s herself instead of being a kiss-ass like Betty. I mean at times when Betty ingratiates herself to Archie in such a demeaning way, it’s simply unacceptable. She’s certainly a talented, beautiful girl and should go for intelligent men -Archie just shouldn’t figure in her calculations.

    Too late though. Enjoy your heart-break Betty. May you cry your heart out like a sore loser. Best wishes to Veronica and Archie.

  15. Millie Says:

    I guess that was what Archie would have chose if he were real. Veronica is not good enough for him because she dates other guys and has tons of guys falling for her. Why make Archie grow up when all we kids and teens want is for the series to go on forever? I hope that Archie does not pick Veronica or Betty at the end and not Cheryl Blossom either. Veronica looks really good with Reggie because they are both conceited, no offense. Betty and Archie are really meant for each other, they really are, and I really do not think it is fair that he picked Veronica over such a sweet and innocent girl who has longed for him for years ever since she was little. Veronica can find any guy but Betty can’t. She can find a guy but no one will love her as much as Archie can. But Archie finds other girl too and I think that they all have many years to find love for themselves because they aren’t really that ready yet for someone to propose and get married. I hope this is not the ending to this series because it will be a horrible ending to something like this, and me and other fans I know are very disappointed.

  16. Millie Says:

    James Schee is right. Maybe like “Love Showdown” which I haven’t read but know, he picks Cheryl Blossom so maybe he will pick her again. Good thinking James

  17. Johanna Says:

    Key things to remember: 1) I suspect this is an imaginary story, like the one they did when the kids went to college 2) there’s going to be another part where he picks Betty 3) none of this is going to be permanent or even followed up on.

  18. James Schee Says:

    Thanks Millie, Cheryl just gets a bad rap in my opinion.:)

    The Archie show was released on VHS, I see Amazon lists it but you can only buy it used. It would be great to have it on DVD and Blue Ray too I guess. (just so they don’t feel left out)

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  21. jade Says:

    i can’t believe archie is getting married to veronica i mean she’s beautiful in all, but she’s a pain in the neck!!

  22. Ruby Says:

    Well, that’s surprising, and sad that he doesn’t choose Betty. Then again, I always thought Betty should hook up with Jughead anyway.

    But you know what’s gonna happen– Archie’s going to propose to Veronica, then have second thoughts, propose to Betty, with everything getting steadily more confusing, but then in the end he’ll decide he won’t get married at all, and everything will be back to normal. At least, that’s how I expect the arc to go…

  23. Iva Says:

    But they’re just in high school!

  24. Riya Says:

    I think he should have married betty

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  26. AT_korvus Says:

    There is no way Archie will marry Veronica. I personally am in favour this marriage, but I feel its not gonna happen because of editorial concerns (remember when Superman died? And Captain America is coming back again)

    I’ve written a highly comprehensive piece on the entire phenomena here:

    I’d love to have your opinions on the entire discussion, particularly as I look at it from an industry point of view, and not just from the perspective of a fan.

  27. Johanna Says:

    I notice a factual error (the issue hasn’t come out yet) and an unpleasant amount of gender stereotyping in just your first paragraph. You are right that the marriage isn’t for real — this is going to be an imaginary story, and later in the storyline (unless they’ve changed their plans), we’ll also see the opposite, Archie marrying Betty instead.

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  29. bobnoir Says:

    Archie is dreaming one of his ideal dreams. Doesn’t anyone realize this? Things will get back to normal as soon as he wakes.

  30. GAW II Says:

    It would make for more a more entertaining comic if Archie moved to Utah and tried to marry them both.

  31. Hsifeng Says:

    Johanna Says:

    “This summer, Archie #600 features Archie marrying Veronica in a storyline that looks at the gang after they graduate college…”

    “…You are right that the marriage isn’t for real — this is going to be an imaginary story, and later in the storyline (unless they’ve changed their plans), we’ll also see the opposite, Archie marrying Betty instead.”

    Then to complete the triangle they can show readers a third fork in the road even later in the storyline, in which Betty and Veronica (after they find themselves (OK, more of themselves than they’ve already found) during college, come out as bi, and gradually fall for each other) marry each other after graduation.

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  33. Philip Says:

    What I want to see is January McAndrews and Jughead get together.

    Look it up, you’ll love it.

  34. Veronica Says:

    I was named after this young lady (woman or whatever she is, old, lol), and I used to get picked on with it because of my name. I wondered what made my mom named me after a stuck-up rich kid.
    But her being one of 16 she remembered reading or seeing the pictures of the comic when she was younger.
    My ancestors also has had the names Archie, Betty, Reggie,Josie and Midge (her real name Margret), and my high school sweetheart was named Rodney we called Moose ( he was 6’5″ and I’m only 5’2″)
    I came to realize the reason she has named me Veronica because of my generosity,faith and wisdom I carry on for the most richness I could ask for.
    So is it worth the price for me to start reading these comic books or collect them since it could acollectors item?

  35. Johanna Says:

    I recommend people buy comics based on what they’re interested in reading, not any hypothetical future value. Things promoted as collector’s items are usually over-produced and rarely become scarce or valuable.

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  39. Archie Cmicz #1 fan Says:


  40. Jake Says:

    Guys Guys Guys, I don’t know for all of you, but this issue is TOTAL BOGUS… WHY?! I don’t know how many of you out there remember the LOVE SHOWDOWN which was written around 1995-98 where there was an old flamme of Archie coming in between the two rivals (yes Cherryl Blossom)… Remember the love showdown also that brought an old flamme of Jughead in the show, the one that explains why Jughead eat so much… That issue was sold by million as everyone where wondering if Jughead was gay or was going to marry a hamburger at some point. Archie comics have been doing that for years, with special issues that would basically last 3 comic books. Where in those comics there would be the new story that would last 6 pages (not counting the numerous useless toy advertizings) and all the other stories would be old stinky stupid stories that even some of them was dating back to 1987 in a comic book of 1995. Someone in this thread said so, it is just another way to come get back old Archie readers like me and many others to see if it’s true that the insipid idiot boy with carrot hair would make up his mind. Look carefully also, Veronica is not a bad character, she’s a very nice person, but the warning with her is don’t mess with her. While Betty was the mild character blinded by her love for carrot boy… Archie; as some one pointed it so well has always been more attacted to Veronica… not Betty. I have collected archie comics for 18 years and have over 800 copies (still has them) and trust me… those series of book are either just another marketing strategy or the announcement of the end of Archie comics, as it has been running 68 years… I’m 33 and my mom which is 56 was reading those as teenager. Nothing to be alarmed really. And yeah it’s about time they grow up a little… I wouldn’t look like archie at 68 years old… and Jughead would already have had three heart attack for eating so much hamburgers. Moose would be in Jail after killing the last person looking smoothly at Midge… in short it is time for Archie comics to either let them grow for real or close the franchise… the only thing that went up following the time are material… they’ve got computers, nokia cell phone and blackberries.

  41. Kiki Says:

    While the “Archie Marries” storyline is only an imaginary one that doesn’t change the status quo a bit, the girls in my library are eating it up. They can’t wait for the next issues and they’re pulling in non-Archie fans to read it too. The same thing is happening with the “New Look” stories. One girl reads the storyline and she tells another, who tells another. Archie Comics’ experiments seem to be working for them and I say more power to them.

  42. rayray Says:

    i know archie regrets marrying veronica! he loves betty deep inside and he knows his feelings are true for betty

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  44. aliza Says:

    it’s fair that archie married veronica

  45. khaalid dangor Says:

    in this one jughead comic he travels into the distant future with archies decsendant.he asks her who archie will end up with and she says he was about to marry one but decided against it and married the other. and in the same issue archie is orriginally going to the dance with veronica but gets into trouble and can nomore go . then betty helps him get out of it so he decides to take betty rather. dosn’t this mean archie marries betty.i.e this girl is orange haired and her and jug fall in love but can’t be together because they are from differant times.

  46. Anon Says:

    Hey khaalid,

    What issue was that? Was it a digest?


  47. khaalid dangor Says:

    it was 116 of jugheads double digest and archies descendants name is january and in this issue jughead is extremely famous for saving the deputy president he has a whole museum about himself as he is the worlds most famous person in the world

  48. khaalid dangor Says:

    its my birthday next week and i’m going to get alot of the new digests i hope to fill all you archie fans in on the latest news ie i’m from south africa so you may know more than me as north american’s get it first.

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  50. Evelyn Says:

    I cant wait till i buy it but i want to see what happens in ”#605 Archie marries Betty:Happily ever after”

  51. sarah deever Says:

    archie please tell me u chose BETTY COOPER!!!

  52. tam Says:

    betty has been nice sine the beginin so y not her veronica has the money and that is probly y he wants her

  53. tam Says:

    come on betty copper is way better

  54. jen Says:

    i hope betty marries jughead cause he’s sweet archie is just a jerk who will break her heart again

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  56. Brittany Says:

    Iv been waiting FOREVER for this to happen. I prefer betty marrying Archie. And im a jughead fan too. It’s funny when it comes to jughead and Reggie playing jokes on each other. Haha. I want to read about jughead eventully marrying…It would be VERY intresting then. And Moose and Midge? Can’t wait to read about them too. Iv been reading archie comics since i was 11 oe 12 i think. Im almost 19 now. XD

  57. Brittany Says:

    I NEED TO READ THE WEDDING SERIES NOW! TT.TT Its killing me. But i don’t trust the mail and order thing cause alot of times the packages never make it to the door. (Had exsperiance with friends packages and pre ordering.) I only trust borders when ordering books.

  58. katie Says:

    i have read it, and it seems that either archie is happily married to both, and when he marries betty, jughead and midge get married, moose goes into anger control with a blind girlfriend and veronica and reggie get married by elvis in vegas, while betty has just had twins, boy and girl.

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  61. carolyn Says:

    Betty should have been chosen shes sweet like Archie and kind

  62. Adam Says:

    Did they ever though about coming up with a storyline that Archie marries Cheryl Blossom, cause I think that would be a good topic. That would be one hell of a dramatic series, Veronica and Betty would be piss besides them being hurt, specially Veronica cause Betty is the more reasonable character.

  63. Adam Says:

    To think about it, if it were to be official about who Archie choose to marry, I’ll say he should marry Veronica. Then Betty would be all hurt at first but then Jason Blossom sheds light on her, and it would be due to the fact that he matured becoming a gentlemen and Betty falls over-heel in love with him to the point she completely puts her feelings for Archie behind her. And Jason still always got the flame for her and they end up getting engaged.

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