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Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service to Return, No Date Given | Jul 04 2014

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Book 13 At Anime Expo, Dark Horse announced that they would be continuing the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service manga series. The last volume released was Book 13, which came out at the end of 2012. Although it’s a horror series, with a group of misfits dealing with zombies and investigating […]


Manga Goes Mainstream With Mascara Brand | Jun 25 2014

L’Oreal Paris has introduced Miss Manga mascara, a new brand promising “oversized, over-the-top lash volume… for the ultimate wide-eyed manga look.” It comes in black, black brown, or blackest black. Here’s the ad, which involves a cartoon panda ad, bright pink, and a “main-ga” pronunciation. Turns out that this line was first launched in the […]


Viz Manga Now on ComiXology | Jun 10 2014

It was bound to happen. Before today, the only manga publisher on leading digital comic distributor ComiXology was Digital Manga, with its yaoi. (So many tortured faces staring at the reader!) Oh, and Archie was pushing its manga take on Sabrina the Teenage Witch from a few years back. Now, the best-known American manga publisher, […]


Manga Editor on Scanlations Then and Now | May 20 2014

Justin Stroman interviewed Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, former Tokyopop editor (and co-founder of Chromatic Press), who comments on her history with Tokyopop, why manga isn’t often available legitimately digitally, how online surveys don’t match sales figures, and what publishers can do about scanlation sites. She’s been involved with manga professionally for ten years and longer as a […]


The True Story of an American Manga Assistant in Japan | May 19 2014

It’s not many aspiring manga artists who get a chance to work in the real field. Jamie Lynn Lano did, spending time as an assistant on the Japanese manga The Prince of Tennis in 2008. Now, she’s written a book about her experiences. The Princess of Tennis is available for preorder. It will release on […]


Viz Licenses Sailor Moon Anime to Start Hulu Run Monday | May 18 2014

It was brought home to me at TCAF that Sailor Moon was responsible for an entire generation of comic artists. Young women, particularly, were strongly influenced by the foundational magical girl series, first launched as a manga in 1992. Thus, there was much rejoicing when Viz announced this weekend that they have licensed the Sailor […]


Win What Did You Eat Yesterday? | May 01 2014

What Did You Eat Yesterday? Book 1 Not enough people are talking ecstatically about Fumi Yoshinaga’s What Did You Eat Yesterday? It’s a wonderful slice of life manga about two men, their relationship, and their love of good cooking. The first book came out at the end of March, with Volume 2 due at the […]


Viz Digital Sale on Three Basic Titles Kicks Off May | May 01 2014

Today only, you can get a digital copy of Bleach Volume 1 for $1.99. For the entire month, the incredibly popular Naruto Volume 1 and One Piece Volume 1 will be $1.99 each digitally. These prices apply at or through their iOS or Android apps. These three series are foundational for manga in the […]


Win Say I Love You Before You Can Buy It | Apr 15 2014

Say I Love You Book 1 A mailing mixup means a new contest! I enjoyed reading Say I Love You, a new shojo manga series about a high school romance between a loner and a popular boy, so since I wound up with an extra copy, I’d like to give someone else a chance to […]


How Much Tezuka Is Too Much? | Apr 01 2014

I’m late covering this news, which Publishers Weekly wrote about over a month ago, but I had some thoughts about the news that Digital Manga will be publishing previously untranslated works by Osamu Tekuza via their Digital Manga Guild. Specifically, their deal with Tezuka Productions Co. Ltd. aims to “bring Tezuka‚Äôs backlist of manga titles, […]