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Another Bad Manga Industry Sign: Del Rey Lays Off Ali Kokmen

Not much to the news beyond that, unfortunately. Ali Kokmen, friend of this blog and all-around terrific guy, has been laid off from Del Rey, as revealed in the fourth paragraph of this Publishers Weekly Comic-Con writeup: … there‚Äôs another casualty in the manga market downturn. Longtime Del Rey manager marketing manager Ali Kokmen (who is roaming the floor at Comic-Con) has been laid off. Like every other manga publisher, Del Rey has been cutting back on the number of […]

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Manga Review Copy Cutbacks

Got a note today from a manga publisher that I won’t name saying that due to company cutbacks, they would no longer be able to send review copies. That notice is unusual but appreciated. I know times are tight, and I sympathize. I would rather know what’s going on (instead of wondering if someone immaturely took offense at something I said, for example). However, the part I found especially strange was the suggestion that if I was willing to pay […]

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