Goldie Vance #1

Goldie Vance #1

I’m thrilled we’ve reached a time when that classic of YA literature, the girl detective, can successfully come to comics. Hope Larson (Mercury, A Wrinkle in Time) writes and Brittney Williams (Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!) draws the story of Goldie Vance, a young woman solving mysteries at the Florida resort hotel her father manages.

It’s a four-issue miniseries with the same appeal as Boom!’s Lumberjanes (and they know it, since they included preview pages from the upcoming Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy crossover at the back of this issue). It’s terrific to have more options featuring unique young women doing exciting things, portrayed in approachable, attractive fashion. The colors here, by Sarah Stern, particularly stand out in establishing the sun-splashed setting, in a timeless holiday era.

Goldie Vance #1

Goldie finds lost children, recovers missing jewelry, and races cars. This is a rose-shaded world, without real danger, blending some of the best parts of the early 60s (but without anyone treating Goldie badly because of her darker skin) into a charming fantasy world. Williams does a wonderful job capturing how full of life and adventurous Goldie is. She draws the eye on every page. Goldie’s fearless and smart, friendly and right. I particularly like the way she knows and talks to everyone at the hotel, guests and staff alike, which gives her the knowledge she needs to fix problems.

Here’s a preview of the first 10 pages, so you can get a feel for the series.

Goldie Vance page 1Goldie Vance page 2Goldie Vance page 3Goldie Vance page 4Goldie Vance page 5Goldie Vance page 6Goldie Vance page 7Goldie Vance page 8Goldie Vance page 9Goldie Vance page 10


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