Goldie Vance in Development for Movie

Goldie Vance volume 1

The charming girl detective comic by Hope Larson and Brittney Williams is now in development at Fox (who has a minority stake in publisher Boom! Studios) as a potential “family film franchise”.

The talent involved is impressive. Kerry Washington is producing, while Rashida Jones will adapt and direct. Jones, who co-wrote Celeste and Jesse Forever and stars in Angie Tribeca, calls Goldie “exactly the kind of fearless, curious, and funny heroine we need right now.”

Goldie’s adventures are set in a mythical mid-ninteenth-century Miami resort hotel. The comic began as a miniseries but was popular enough to be extended to a series. After 12 issues, it became a series of graphic novels, collected in three books so far with the newest just out. The fourth volume, set during a music festival, is due out next April with the new creative team of writer Jackie Ball and artist Elle Power; it’s available to order from your local comic shop now.

So far Goldie’s cases have involved missing jewelry, spies, fast cars, and astronauts. Although the series has a dreamy retro aesthetic, Goldie is a modern-day heroine, since she’s multiracial and likes girls. Be interesting to see how much of that makes it to the screen. I hope Goldie’s mom, who swims as a mermaid in a bar show, shows up!

Goldie Vance volume 1Goldie Vance volume 2

Goldie Vance volume 3


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