Is Goldie Vance Done?

Goldie Vance Volume 4

Goldie Vance was an entertaining Nancy-Drew-type series featuring an energetic young woman of color in a retro beach hotel setting. It launched in May 2016 as a miniseries by Hope Larson and Brittney Williams; shortly became an ongoing series; and had movie interest announced at the end of 2017.

It’s had four stories collected so far: Volume 1, October 2016; Volume 2, May 2017; Volume 3, November 2017; and Volume 4, by another creative team, and the first after it was converted to a series of graphic novels, May 2018.

I’ve been curious about plans for the series every since. With four stories, there’s plenty of material already for whatever the film may turn out to be. There’s been no significant news on the movie front since the original announcement, and now that Fox has been acquired by Disney, they’re likely revisiting all those plans.

The current Previews pre-order catalog, which is what made me think about this, is already soliciting into the October/November timeframe for graphic novels (which require more printing lead time). There is a Goldie Vance item in the catalog, but it’s not a new story (which means no Goldie Vance in all of 2019). Instead, it’s a gift set of the four previous volumes at a discount price. The $40 set (which doesn’t seem to have any special packaging) is due out in late October. I suppose the best hopes for more at this point require the movie coming out — which might drive new content as a tie-in.

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