DC TV Shows Not Doing So Well on Fox, Two New Concepts Announced

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It’s the time of year when TV networks present their show schedules for the coming year to advertisers (called the “upfronts”), so there’s been lots of news regarding what’s coming back and what’s been cancelled. While iZombie got renewed at the last minute (for what will be its final season), and all of the CW’s DC shows are safe (given their sister company status, not terribly surprising), the DC shows on Fox aren’t doing quite as well.

Lucifer, which I quite enjoy, won’t get a fourth season, although star Tom Ellis is plugging a #SaveLucifer campaign. And apparently there are two unaired episodes, although the season 3 finale aired earlier this week.

Gotham, Fox’s other DC show, was touch and go for a while, finally getting a fifth and final season of 13 midseason episodes. How much can you keep drawing out a prologue, anyway?

I guess we’re going to find out with Pennyworth, a 10-episode 2019 series for Epix set in 60s London where the man who becomes Batman’s butler “forms a security company and goes to work with Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s billionaire father”. It’s from executive producer/writer Bruno Heller and executive producer/director Danny Cannon, the guys behind Gotham. As long as the well keeps drawing, you can keep going to it.

Also announced is another show for the DC streaming service DC Universe. Doom Patrol, a spin-off of the Titans streaming series, will start in 2019 with 13 episodes.

On the cable channels, Preacher will get a third season. (I often forget about this because I don’t watch it. I love the cast but can’t take the violence.) And I’m curious to see if Krypton gets another season on Syfy, since I have never heard anyone say anything about it.


  • Ed Sizemore

    I don’t like Krypton. It’s a very dark version of Superman’s home world. It fits well with the current dreary and depressing DC movie universe. Such a missed opportunity.

  • Jeff

    Preacher is worth it. Great Cast and some seriously gut busting laugh moments.

  • Jer

    I honestly can’t believe that they’ve already announced a Titans spinoff series before the first episode of Titans has even aired. Or if their streaming network is going to get any subscribers. WB/DC must be pretty positive that this is going to work.

    But I can believe that Fox’s DC shows aren’t doing great. Gotham was such a depressing drag for its first season that I gave up on it (though I heard it got somewhat better) and the idea of a “romantic/buddy procedural” where the Devil is one of the buddies is just such a weird premise that steps on a number of religious hotbuttons that I’m honestly a bit surprised it has lasted 3 seasons (that’s a testament to how good the show actually is I’d say – a mediocre show with that premise wouldn’t have lasted half a season).

  • That’s a good question, about how successful the streaming service will be. But it’s the way everyone’s moving, since they don’t like Netflix getting so much traffic that they want to monetize for themselves. WB does have several other specialized audience services they can look to for history, including Boomerang and Filmstruck.

  • Maybe CW could pick up Lucifer. It could use another series based on a DC comic; it only has six.

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