Heroes Writer Kim

I don’t watch Heroes, but KC does. He pointed this out to me: Chuck Kim was the name of an assistant editor who was at DC when we were there, so mid- to late-90s. He worked with Archie Goodwin, who edited (among many many other things) the Batman Halloween stories written by Yep, Jeph Loeb. One of six co-executive producers, and with another three executive producers, isn’t that show a bit top-heavy? I don’t know if it’s the same Chuck […]

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WKRP Music Cuts More Extensive Than Expected

Looks like I won’t be getting the upcoming WKRP in Cincinnati: The Complete First Season DVD set after all. At least, not if this description of music cuts is accurate. in this DVD release, there’s little more half-a-dozen real musical recordings left in. … It’s possible that Fox meant well. They’d been getting requests from fans to release it, so they did. And many of the songs that were cut are just incredibly expensive, like Pink Floyd. But ultimately, if […]

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Well, THAT explains a lot. David Caruso’s performance on CSI: Miami is so mannered and odd that some took to calling him Carusobot. Priest breaks the code with a strangely complete theory: he’s playing Batman. I only watch the show because I really like Ainsley. I know, her name is really Emily Procter, but I will always remember her as Ainsley. Regular CSI is much better.

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