KC’s Westfield Columns

KC writes regular columns for Westfield Comics, a local and mail-order retailer. Many are looks at what’s coming up in the Diamond Previews ordering catalog, but some cover other topics. Here are the links.

April 2017: KC reviews two new books about Guardians of the Galaxy history

March 2017: KC enjoys WWE, the wrestling comic

KC has some thoughts on the DC/Looney Tunes crossovers coming in June

KC’s been sick, which makes him punchy, so he decided to respond to Beau’s column about too many comp copies

KC looks at some of the surprises found in the DC Future Quest collection, featuring a whole gang of Hanna-Barbera characters

KC Carlson by Keith Wilson

February 2017: Five plus years later, KC revisits the DC New 52 and considers how time and context affect enjoyment of comics

KC finds a cameo by an old favorite in Batman #9, leading to him reading the series and talking about writer Tom King

KC loves DC’s upcoming esoteric omnibuses featuring Silver Age heroes, including Doom Patrol, Adam Strange, and the Legion of Super-Heroes

January 2017: In preparation for the Riverdale TV show, KC looks at Archie in other media, including past tries at television

KC considers Monsters Unleashed and the earlier Monster Masterworks

KC talks about a new/old upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes collection reprinting work he edited in the mid-1990s and speculates on why it’s being released

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